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Clara Inspired Marathon Team Raises Over $42,000

The Clara Inspired Marathon Team of six successfully completed the 2022 Richmond Marathon and raised over $42,000! 

The Richmond Times Dispatch featured Clara Inspired on the front page of the November 13 edition of the Sunday newspaper.


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Photo credit: Richmond Times Dispatch

Clara Inspired featured on NBC12

In the lead up to the 2022 Richmond Marathon, Clara Inspired's story was featured on Richmond's NBC12. 

Click here to watch the segment.

Photo credit: NBC12

Clara Inspired awards a second $30,000 gift to Weill Cornell Medicine


In 2022, Clara Inspired awarded a $30,000 gift to Weill Cornell Medicine to continue Dr. Zachary Grinspan's Phenylbutyrate clinical trial for those impacted by STXBP1. Clara Inspired previously provided a grant to Weill Cornell Medicine to help launch this pilot clinical trial. We are excited by the results of the study and are excited to continue to support Dr. Grinspan's efforts. 

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Clara Inspired awards $31,000 gift to Columbia University

In 2021, Clara Inspired awarded a $31,000 gift to Columbia University. This gift will advance Dr. Christopher Makinson's vital multi-modal research in the Institute of Genomic Medicine, and will support the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment to help understand the genetic causes of STXBP1 related disorders and, ultimately, find an effective treatment and cure. We are very excited about this work, and look forward to providing future updates!

Clara Inspired awards $30,000 grant to Weill Cornell Medicine 

In 2020, Clara Inspired awarded $30,000 to Dr. Zachary Grinspan at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, who is the Principal Investigator for a potential drug therapy for those impacted by STXBP1. This grant allows Dr. Grinspan and his team to not only study the drug’s impact on humans, but doubles the clinical trial participant count.

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Photo credit: Weill Cornell Medicine


Dad plans 100-mile run to raise awareness for daughter’s rare condition

A Chesterfield girl is only one of a few in the whole world with a rare genetic condition. In fact, she’s the only one with her specific condition.

Now, her dad is running 100 miles to try to raise awareness.

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Photo credit: Amy Fansler Photography


CURE Discovery: New Genetic Models of Epileptic Encephalopathies Deepen Our Understanding

Reduced activity of a gene called STXBP1 is one of the most common causes of epileptic encephalopathy (EE),1a group of severe pediatric epilepsies which includes Ohtahara Syndrome, West Syndrome, and Dravet Syndrome. Patients with EE often have aggressive, treatment-resistant seizures, developmental delays, behavioral deficits, and intellectual disability among other clinical features. There is an urgent need to better understand these syndromes and develop new therapies for them.

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Holly Springs mom runs 36.5 miles to raise money for Genetic Disorder research

On Thursday, Camden Jones will celebrate his first birthday, which is a more meaningful milestone in the face of his situation.

"I was just unwilling to accept it," Camden's mother Heather Jones recalled.

The "it" in this case was STXBP1, one of the world's most rare-genetic conditions.

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St. Louis Family Aims to Bring Kids with Rare STXBP1 Disorder Together at Disney

When Kyle and Emily Jones learned in 2015 that their daughter Piper, now three and a half, had a genetic mutation called STXBP1 that affects one in 29.6 million people, their lives changed completely. Suddenly they were facing not only doctors, therapists and long phone calls with insurance companies, but also trying to seize the day for Piper — which led to two trips to Disney World last year alone. 

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Photo credit: Kyle Jones


Parents who were told their little girl, 4, would never walk or talk due to a rare condition refused to give up

When doctors told Shane and Melissa Murray that their little girl would never walk, they were not discouraged.

They moved Evelyn's favourite toy up the stairs of their Brisbane home, inspiring her to climb one step at a time.

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Photo credit: Daily Mail

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