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What do you want to be when you grow up? It is the quintessential kid question. Unfortunately for our daughter, Clara, we already know that she will not grow up to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher…fill in the blank.


Clara is one person out of only a few hundred in the world who has a misspelling on her STXBP1 gene, resulting in lifelong physical and cognitive impairments. For any parent of a special needs child, this innocent and playful question becomes a gut wrenching elephant in a room you cannot escape. But the question remains, what will Clara be when she grows up? Since she can’t tell us the answer, we’ve decided to answer this question for her.

When Clara grows up, she is going to be a professional Inspiration (or Chief Inspirationist!). In fact, she has already begun. Having already sampled Clara’s extraordinary inspirational services, we can’t help but spread the word in the hopes of drumming up more business for her. So, is there anything positive that Clara can help inspire you to do? Big or small, something you do for a few minutes or forever, one-time or recurring – it doesn’t matter…Clara doesn’t judge.


In exchange for Clara’s inspirational services, we ask that you donate to our cause.
Thank you for your support!

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